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Beaches in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom (VT)

Since the Northeast Kingdom is landlocked, its beaches are entirely fresh water. However, just because its landlocked doesn’t mean there is nowhere to tan and play in the water. There are plenty of rivers, lakes, and ponds throughout the region where you can swim – but be safe, especially if you choose to swim in a wild area.
Crystal Lake State Park - Photo Credit VT State Parks
Crystal Lake State Park

96 Bellwater Avenue Barton, VT, 05822 Phone: 802-525-6205

Swimming and boating in a glacial lake; cottage for rent; pets not allowed

Crystal Lake is a glacial lake with a mile of sandy shoreline that includes a designated swimming area. The bathhouse has bathrooms, changing areas, and a concession stand. Also: picnic tables, charcoal grills, play areas, boats and canoes for rent.