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Stay where history was made at a Vermont historic inn or hotel

Vermont hotels and inns include a subset of establishments with long histories, including some that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. VT historic lodgings a first class hotels where guests can enjoy beautiful furnishings, high quality service, and close proximity to dining, shopping, historic and cultural attractions.
Music Room - Rabbit Hill Inn - Waterford, VT
Rabbit Hill Inn

48 Lower Waterford Road Lower Waterford, VT, 05848 Phone: 802-748-5168

Romantic inn takes guests back to more relaxed era

Hospitality is an age-old tradition at the Rabbit Hill Inn, which began in the late 1700s as a place where traders traveling from Montreal to Boston or Portland could hoist a tankard of ale and lodge overnight. Save one period in the 1900s when it was a private home, Rabbit Hill has been an inn ever since. Today’s guests in the 19-room bed and breakfast will discover not only modern comforts (some rooms have double hydromassage tubs) but those that harken back to a relaxed age: a candlelit dining room serving exquisitely crafted American fare, crackling fireplaces, puzzles in cozy sitting rooms, lemonade in the afternoon on the porch and gazebos where you can listen to the waterfall. Rated #39 of the Top 100 Hotels Worldwide, #3 in the USA, and #1 in the Northeast by Travel & Leisure, July 2020.
Naulakha New Spring View - The Landmark Trust USA - Dummerston, VT
The Landmark Trust USA

707 Kipling Road Dummerston, VT, 05301 Phone: 802-254-6868

Historic homes, examples of a century of architectural styles, available for vacation rentals

Lovingly restored historic homes, representing a variety of architectural styles from 1802 to 1915, are offered to lucky vacationers by the Landmark Trust USA. The five Vermont properties are each distinctive, many with original furniture or decor or period pieces. Among the vacation rentals is Rudyard Kipling’s Naulakha, built for the author in 1892 and where you can sit at the desk where he penned “Captains Courageous,” “The Jungle Book” and parts of the “Just So Stories.” Kipling’s charming Carriage House is also available. On the picturesque and historic Scott Farm, visitors can stay in the cozy 1915 Sugarhouse or four-bedroom Dutton Farmhouse. The Amos Brown House, built in 1802, which retains much of its original detail, offers immediate access to hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoeing.
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