Dog Parks (Off leash) in Vermont

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starr farm dog park in burlington vt
Starr Farm Park and Dog Park

Starr Farm Road Burlington, VT Phone:

Starr Farm Park is a newer addition to the Burlington park system. The park has athletic fields and a large dog park with agility great. The park is bisected by the Burlington Bike Path. Parking and portable rest rooms are available. There are swings for kids, and a community garden is underway.
Hours: Sunrise to sunset
manchester vt dog park
Manchester Dog Park at Dana L Thompson Memorial Park

340 Recreation Park Road Manchester Center, VT Phone:

This is a fenced dog park within a city park. All are welcome. Email comments or questions to: info@manchesterdogparkvt.org.
Hours: Year-round, daily, sunrise to sunset
Rules: Rules: Never leave dogs unattended; clean up after your dog; dogs must have current tags and vaccinations, children under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Prohibited: Aggressive dogs; dogs in heat; choke, prong, pinch, or spiked collars; smoking, food, or glass bottles; bikes and skateboards.
middelbury dog park
Middlebury Dog Park

Collins Drive Middlebury, VT Phone:

The Middlebury Dog Park is fenced. It is located off South Street on Collins Drive, in the field beyond Middlebury Regional Emergency & Medical Services (MREMS). Porter Medical Center has agreed to let park visitors use their back (northern) lot past MREMS.
Mills Riverside Park

off of VT Route 15 Jericho, VT Phone:

Mills Riverside Park is more than 200 acres of meadow and wooded hillside with a stunning view of Mount. Mansfield and six miles of trail for non-motorized recreation, year round. Dogs are welcome at the park. They must be leashed in all areas including the parking lot and the trails, except for the designated off-leash area where they may run free. Swimming and water play in the Browns River is accessible from the off-leash area. The park offers four dispensers of doggie bags and three receptacles for the easy clean up of dog waste. The off-leash area is not a dog park. It encompasses acres of unfenced open land bounded by the Browns River and steep, forested terrain as another. Signs indicate the off-leash area. Dog owners must control dogs for the safety of all park visitors. Owners are strictly liable for their pet’s behavior. Dogs must remain on park property and not bother neighboring farm animals. Trail map
West Rutland Dog Park

West Rutland Recreation area, of Boardman Hill Road West Rutland, VT Phone:

Fenced park open to the public. Email: parks4paws@gmail.com
Hours: Sunrise to sunset.
Rules: Never leave dogs unattended; maintain control of your dog at all times; clean up after your dog; dogs must have current tags and vaccinations; keep dogs on leash upon entering and exiting park; children under 13 must be accompanied by adult.
Prohibited: Aggressive dogs and dogs in heat not allowed; choke, prong, pinch or spiked collars; smoking, food or glass bottles; bikes or skateboards allowed. Breaking park rules may result in loss of privileges to use this facility. This park is managed by volunteers and is a non-profit entity. Abandoning an animal anywhere in Vermont is a felony. By entering this park, you agree to abide by the rules and release the park from liability. For information and donations or to hold your dog-related event contact parks4paws@gmail.com
Waterbury Unleashed Dog Park - Waterbury, VT
Waterbury Unleashed Dog Park

546 River Road Waterbury, VT Phone: 802-882-8315

The Waterbury Unleashed Dog Park is an accessible, fenced in space for dogs to play and run off-leash. There’s a separate space for smaller dogs. Located on River Road behind the Waterbury, Vermont Ice Center. Nice dogs only! Remember your dog’s tags. Always open.
Watson Upper Valley Dog Park

1120 Maple Street White River Junction, VT Phone:

Watson Upper Valley Dog Park is one and a half acres and is fenced. Dogs may be off-leash in the park. . Amenities include separate small-dog play area, benches, picnic tables, water, double-gated entries, waste disposal systems and containers, signage, kiosk for information. Open to everyone. Plenty of shade. Water for dogs available on site.
Hours: May to January; dawn to 9 p.m.
Prohibited: Aggressive dogs, dogs under four months of age, dogs in heat or sick, prong, spike or choke collars. Dogs must wear a current dog license and rabies tag. If your dog is being a bully, you should remove your dog from the park.
People rules: Children under age 8 are not permitted in the park and older children must be supervised by an adult. No food, smoking, alcohol or drinks in glass containers allowed. Clean up and dispose of dog feces; at first sign of aggression, remove your dog from the park; keep your dog in sight and maintain reasonable control at all times; carry a leash for each dog at all times; no more than two dogs per owner; leash your dog walking to and from car.
Essex Dog Park

111 West Street Essex Junction, VT Phone: 802-878-1375

This fenced dog park on state land is 150 feet by 250 feet, almost one acre, with an auxiliary training area of 40 feet by 60 feet. There are 16 parking spaces. Email: recreation@ejrp.org.
Hours: Year-round; 7 a.m.-9p.m.
Rules: Please pick up after your dog and fill in holes that your dog digs. Trash receptacles are for dog waste only. Please take your human waste with you. You are responsible for your dog’s behavior; control aggressive behavior or remove your dog.
Brattleboro Dog Park

Memorial Park Drive Brattleboro, VT Phone: 802-254-5808

This volunteer-managed dog park is located near the top of Living Memorial Park.
Kingdom Dog Park - Derby, VT
Kingdom Dog Park

299 4-H Road Derby, VT, 05829 Phone: 802-766-4906

Off- leash dog park where well-behaved dogs may exercise in a clean, safe environment without endangering or annoying people, property or wildlife. This park is maintained by volunteers.
Hours: 7 a.m.-dusk
Rules:You are legally responsible for your dog’s behavior; all dogs must be leashed until they are inside the park; gates must remain closed except when entering or exiting; all dogs must be spayed or neutered; dogs must be properly inoculated, licensed, wearing a collar with ID and rabies tags and free of viral infections; remove dog waste; no more than three dogs per person may enter the group play areas; no children under 4 years of age are allowed inside the park; children under 16 years of age must be with a supervising adult; fill in all holes that your dog digs; do not give treats to anyone else’s dog.
Prohibited: No puppies under 4 months old or sick dogs are allowed in the park; females in heat; choke or pinch collars and head halters; aggressive dogs; smoking; dog toys;